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Robert Johnson Architect is a New Westminster–based architecture firm specializing in residential design. Rob’s portfolio includes custom homes in both modern and traditional styles, renovations and smaller structures such as infill (laneway) homes and garages. Rob also specializes in heritage homes – providing services for renovations, additions and heritage revitalization agreements. He pays close attention to exterior spaces so the use and value of any project is increased and extends beyond the walls.


Rob Johnson Architect AIBC has been an architect registered with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia since 1989.


Featured Projects

This is a Laneway House designed by Robert Johnson Architect in New Westminster, BC.

Because of zoning bylaws and site space, this modern house is only 501 sq. ft. The main floor consists of the living/dining/kitchen space and a bathroom (328 sq ft) and upstairs there’s a single bedroom and closet (173 sq ft.)....

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